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Partnering with clients to generate
unique value chain performance, CHORD was established with a very clear focus:
Collaboration & Strategy

From strategy definition to execution. We are implementing unique value chain and operations solutions in industries where we have extensive experience and relevant insight. Always with a people centric and flexible approach tailored to client needs. We work collaboratively with our clients – from defining new operations and value chain strategies – to successful execution and realised impact.

Working Across Boundaries

We know that a large part of the success we have with clients comes from working across organisational boundaries, having and end-to-end value chain view built into the approach and ensuring all involved functions and departments share the same strategy and goals.


With this in mind we provide sharp analytical and problem solving skills to understand the starting point. We then help shape the new strategy and direction for future competitive advantage. With years of change management experience and a thorough understanding of behaviour and cultural challenges, we are a partner to count on throughout a complete transformation program.

We have more than 100 years of joint consulting experience, with over 150 successful client engagements.
Happy business colleagues working in company office
People Are The Key Differentiator

We believe people are the key differentiator, and that every client situation is unique. Therefore we take pride in long-term personal commitments to the organizations and people we work with.

Maximising sustainable impact and value

We always bring a high degree of seniority and experience to clients, and we are careful to tailor engagements and teams together with clients to maximize sustainable impact and value.

Happy business colleagues working in company office

The opportunity to build a company and forge a culture, while advancing your career.

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