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CHORD & the concept
of end-to-end value

When naming our company CHORD, we gained inspiration from our own experience of having worked for multiple companies where management often has expressed issues such as “we are good at developing a strategy, but we fall short in execution”. 

Many companies are silo based and implement the strategy by delegating parts to each functional head. For example, we see sales driving a sales efficiency program, purchasing drive a cost reduction program through strategic sourcing, manufacturing drive a lean program, and product development improve efficiency in delivering innovation and new products and services to the market.

But too often, the activities are neither aligned nor synchronized. The entire end-to-end value chain is not considered, and strategy execution fails. Components of the value chain are improved, but the company’s overall competitiveness is not. 

The name CHORD was inspired by the music world and the idea that if all band members play the same song, strikes the same CHORD, music will sound fantastic. The same applies for transformational work in companies – every management team member must drive their efforts in one and the same direction.

We strongly believe in ensuring the end-to-end value chain or chains are designed to beat competition in every part and that every management team member fully understand its role to play – just like the members in an orchestra or a band playing tight in sync.  


We are proud to build a great team of individuals at CHORD. We bring a balanced mix of seniority and value through both strategy consulting and line management experiences.

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