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August has experience from collaborating closely with management teams of large organisations in various sectors. While studying, August interned at Ramboll Sweden, engaging directly with the CEO and the management team, deriving valuable insights into large-scale organisational management.

Moreover, August’s enthusiasm for solving complex problems led him to an internship at CHORD. Here, he gained hands-on experience in various projects ranging from operational excellence and performance management to strategic cost reduction and analytics. These experiences not only allowed him to refine his skills but also shaped his approach to problem-solving.

Complementing his professional journey, August has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, specialising in Management and Economics of Innovation, from Chalmers University of Technology. He also pursued Advanced Studies in Finance at EPFL in Switzerland.

Outside work, August’s passion for outdoor sports and challenging hikes reflects his drive for pushing boundaries and embracing adventure.


+46 762 47 68 44

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