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Why we started CHORD

Have you ever had an idea that you are convinced would be a real game changer, if you only dared to leave your comfort zone and go all in? An idea you are so passionate about it occupies your mind every woken hour?

We had that idea and in the fall of 2018, we decided to go all in.

We are proud to present the result of this idea; CHORD Management Consulting. 

enormous untouched potential

With extensive experience and insights from top-tier management consulting companies, value chain and operations strategy, we have identified an enormous untouched potential in companies in a variety of industries.

Our Goal

Our goal is to help our clients improve and move beyond what they thought was possible, by designing, creating and implementing unique business strategies and end-to-end value chain – operations strategies and solutions. 

Therefore, we are gathering the best people, who share the same passion with an entrepreneurial spirit, to build a Nordic leader in business strategy, value chain and operations strategy consulting, with  the base in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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